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what's on tap podcast

Feb 15, 2024

We got a little crazy this episode. Martin found a classic bottle from Brekeriet, back when they only released 750 ml bottles in foreign webshops. Now you can find loads of their amazing beers in Systembolaget. Back in 2015 you could only get a a few like Sour & Salt. The fresh bottles are lightly tart with a nice saltiness. This hasn't aged as well as we had hoped. It was fun to try. Stefan brought a bottle from a new brewery from Smedsbo. Smedsbo Slott released Salzstout 2023. This implies an annual release but this is the first year of the beer. Coming in at 12.5% abv, it has salty liquorice note with a deep roast base. It's fun fine from an up and coming brewery.

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