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what's on tap podcast

Jun 6, 2024

Today's a very special episode. It's not often we get to celebrate Sweden National Day on the same day as an episode. But that's not all, it's also Martin's 400th episode. Of course something this special had to have special beers and special friends to join. We called in our beer nerd friends and we get busy celebrating. We have two from Eighth State Brewing. Rouge in Exile is a collab with Burial Beer Co. It's an imperial stout that was aged in bourbon barrels for two years then had dates, caramel, coconut, vanilla and cocoa nibs added. YUM!  After that we opened a bottle of We Can Walk. This is a much simpler beer. It's just an imperial stout with ton of toasted coconut. We were in coconut heaven. Congrats to Sweden and congrats to Martin on this special day.

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