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what's on tap podcast

Jun 13, 2024

Ahhh...summer time is finally here and that means we put away our pastry stouts and barleywines for something light, crisp and easy to drink on a warm day. There have been several posts Instagram and Facebook about how Sweden's best pilsner is Helsinge Pilsener. We wanted to test that against one of our favorite Hapi Pils from Hyllie Bryggeri. Helsinge Pilsener is a solid pilsner and defintely fits the bill. We both enjoyed it. Sweden's best? That's another story. Next up is Hapi Pils. This is a New Zealand pilsner. Where Helsinge Pilsener is tasty, Hapi Pils pops. The hops are bright and refreshing. It's easy to drink and you keep reaching for more. It is Sweden's best pilsner? Who knows, but it's in the running.

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