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what's on tap podcast

Nov 2, 2023

We went Marvin's in Malmö a couple of months ago. Unfortunately they had a fire before we released the episode and we decided to hold the episode until they reopened. During the summer they have english muffin sandwiches. We reviewed those this episode. During the winter, they have traditional British pies (which are also amazing). We're really happy to have them back!

Now on to the beers! Cloudwater Proper DIPA: Citra Edition is part of a hops showcase series. This one is Citra hops, of couse. If you're a citra fan, this beer is for you. This is an update of a 2017 release and it's a banger. Cloudwater shows why they are kings of British DIPAs. Pentrich has been making waves in the British IPA crowd. Birthdays in Isolation is part of their 4th anniversary that was brewed during COVID lockdown. This TIPA uses citra, simcoe and nelson sauvin. It's a TIPA so it's a big beer. Be careful.

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