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what's on tap podcast

Apr 4, 2024

Another week, another episode. Now that spring is arriving, we're moving away from heavy stouts and barleywines and into light and dare I say it...low ABV beers. A few years ago low ABV was a disgrace. These days every brewery is putting out several low ABV beers with lots of styles and options. Dugges En Svagare Öl is a 3.5% NEIPA. That's a dangerous style to do low ABV. Fortunalty Dugges does a pretty good job with this one. Pohjala Prenzlauer 0 is a 0.5% ABV sour. Made with raspberries, it really hits the spot. We will review more low ABV beers in the future and hope see more breweries taking up the low ABV challenge. 

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