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what's on tap podcast

Jan 19, 2023

We thought Frosty Beard Brewing's Marcus was our friend but after trying these three beers, we're not so sure. What can only be described as "truck stop beers", these three beers don't qualify as beer so much as lightly alcoholic water. First we have Aass IPA with papaya and guava. It's as bad as it sounds. Next up we have Mack Tropical IPA called Mango Passion. There is no passion here. Just a dead, lifeless relationship, like your parents. Finally, Hansa Anana IPA. It looks like you're supposed to believe that there is pineapple in this beer. The closest any pineapple got to this beer is Ananas icon on the top of the beer. Thanks Marcus, you make us want to quit drinking beer.

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