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what's on tap podcast

Sep 14, 2023

We are still in Lund and we are just down the street from Purgatorio. Torgets Taperia is a bistro with it's own on premise brewery. It's in the center of town and a great spt to people watch. They had scores of their own beer to sample. We got excited about this find. We tried three different beers. First up is Summer Ale. This is a pale ale that didn't live up to our expectations. Next is Ode to Hopes. This is an IPA but we were confused. It tasted more like a British Mild Ale or a Brown Ale. We completely missed the hops. Then we tried Emperador. At 8.2% ABV, we didn't have high hopes for it but it was a pleasant surprise. This is a classic stout with slightly burnt notes of liquorice and toffee. We really enjoyed it. Torgets Bryggeri might not be the best brewery but it's a great location with loads of promise. 

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