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what's on tap podcast

Sep 7, 2023

We're on the road and made it to Lund. It's a short 10 minute train ride from Malmö and the second largest college in Sweden. Lund has never been a beer town. Well, that's changed in the past couple of years. Where COVID has been hard for a lot of places, Lund seems to have thrived with new beer bars. Purgatorio is a joint effer with wild ale brewery Brekeriet. We love them and going to their bar is a real treat. We start with Brekeriet Sommarlager. This a light slighly funky lager. We loved this and they gave us free fries to go with it. We will be back for sure. Fruktstereo is a Malmö brewery specializing in ciders and fruit beers. Brutulaijs Noveau 2022 is a cider that drinks like a red wine. We assume it's based on the French young wine called Beaujolais Nouveau. This cider is extremely drinkable and makes you feel a little fancy while you do it. We loved Purgatorio and look forward to future visits.

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