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what's on tap podcast

Jul 4, 2024

We're staying in the neighborhood and visited Scandwich. This is one of Malmö's best sandwich shops. But that's a bit a misnomer. The sandwiches are full meals. Grab and knive and fork because you're going to need to dig in to tackle these monsters. After years of developing a following, they were able to open their own restaurant and get a tap supplied by our friends at To Ol Brewing. This means they are always going to have some really good To Ol beers on tap. 30 Days Italian Pilsner is an Italian pilsner that only aged 30 days. This is because Italian style pilsners are not aged more than 4-5 weeks creating a lighter, more herbal beer compared to its Czech or Germany counterparts. This will be a killer summer beer. Shapes and Objects makes their second appearance on the show with Gorilla Juice. This is a collab with Duckpond Brewing. It's a fruited gose with banana, mango, and liquorice candy. You're enjoyment will depend on how much you enjoy banana and liquorice flavors. Fortunately we do.

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