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what's on tap podcast

Oct 19, 2023

We back in the studio and hitting the bottles. Do you love lambic? Do you love lambic with lingonberries? What are lingonberries? All good questions. A lingonberry is like a smaller verison of a cranberry. A little sweet and a lot of tart. It blends beautifully into lambic. Tilquin Oude Arielle Sauvage is a lingonberry lambic that is tart, funky and super drinkable. We need more of these. After the tart and funky, we need something sweet and caramelly. Baladin Xyauyu 2018 is a 14% ABV barleywine with lots of caramel, figs and complex sweetness. It's another hit. We were blessed with two intense, fun, very different beers.

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