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what's on tap podcast

Dec 28, 2023

It's the end of year and of course we have one last episode to give you. Drinking tasty beers takes no breaks and neither do the episodes. As always, Martin brings his best to the episode with an outstanding 3 Fonteinen. Zenne Frontera Blend No 94 is a blend of five lambics aged in nine Oloroso barrels and one Amontillando barrel.  Stefan didn't want to be out done so he brings one of the stellar Lervig Off the Rack imperial stout. Off the Rack Port is a collab beer with Basqueland Brewing. The 13.4% ABV imperial stout is aged in tawny port barrels for 9 months. 2023 is over now and we're really excited about 2024...because that means more beers! Have a Happy New Year!

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